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“Our mission is to strengthen Christians spiritually and financially by providing Biblical truth, teaching, education and giving and/or investment opportunities to engage assets God has placed in their stewardship in order to generate financial resources for individuals, churches and ministries. These ministries are such that specifically proclaim the gospel and promote the God-honoring values identified in the Bible through Charitable Production Partnerships™.”







  • Educate, Motivate and Organize the Church to Invest in God’s Most Precious Asset… His People



  • Create Financial Resources for individuals, churches and ministries



  • To Equip and Restore Pastors, Families, Financially and Spiritually



  • Create an Exceptional Return on Investment



  • Train and Equip Faithful Stewards of God's Resources with a clear understanding of “God’s Economy” and  

                connection to His Purpose





     Blueprint Ministries is a subsidiary program of The Springbrook Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit origination